Ceci est un site de démonstration exclusivement. Cohome a fermé ses portes en octobre 2017.
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How does it work?

Share a productive working day with professionals similar to you for free! Cohome is made for you if you are an independent worker: developer, artist, guide, entrepreneur,...

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Step 1

Welcome home

Your host welcomes you warmly.

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Step 2

Let's talk

Get to know each other around a cup of coffee.

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Step 3

Time to work!

Everyone in the living room now focus on their individual project.



All day long, everyone is invited to share with the others what they are working on. Sharing is caring!

Core values of our members

Cohome is aimed to gather professionals by giving them unlimited business opportunities through the use of coworking at home.

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We encourage each other to achieve success.

Value 2


Sharing living space allows qualitative meetings for an affordable price.

Value 3


An online service tailored to your professional needs for efficient coworking sessions.

They tested Cohome

Our early users tell you what they truly think of using Cohome.



Manu Title

"A great service! Thanks to CoHome, I have been able to understand freelancers' problematics by meeting them at their house. "



Facebook COO

"I simply love CoHome! I work from many places in the world and this service let me find warm home and people to work with. I also had good inputs concerning new features we wanted to launch. "



SpaceX CEO

"I recommend CoHome not only because I truly beleive in this service but also because one day we'll do it in mars."

The platform

As your time is your most precious good, Cohome is a simple and easy to use platform.

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Book a session in less than 5 minutes

Finding a place to work close to you has never been easier.

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Look for specific profiles or let us surprise you.

Meet professionals practicing the same job as you or discover atypical profiles.

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A fun website you'll enjoy using every day!

Our community

Here are a few of our members. They make us. Discover them!

And so many more! Join us now to meet them!

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